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Dog training is the use of behavior research which uses environmentally friendly occurrences of antecedents and outcomes to change the behavior of any dog, either for this to aid in specific activities or take on particular tasks, or for it to participate effectively in modern-day domestic life. While training dogs for specific roles goes back to Roman times at least, working out of dogs to be compatible household pets developed with suburbanization in the 1950s.
A dog learns out of every interaction it includes using its environment. This is through classical fitness, where it sorts a link between two stimuli; non-associative learning, where its patterns is customized through sensitisation or habituation; and operant conditioning, where it forms a link between an antecedent and its own consequence.
There are a number of established ways of animals training, each using its critics and adherents. A number of the better known dog training procedures are the Koehler method, clicker training, motivational training, electronic training, model-rival training, dominance-based training, and relationship-based training. The normal characteristics of successful methods are knowing the animal’s capabilities and personality, correct timing of encouragement and/or abuse and steady communication.

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